Partnership for the planet

We are facing the most important task in the history:  To ensure our further development so that it will be sustainable. It is not enough to develop and produce machines which cover the ozone layer or to recycle the amount of waste on the land and in the oceans, absorb air pollution, stop water acidification, or cool the air. That would not be so complicated. The task is much more difficult because it is necessary to change attitudes and people’s behaviour.

We face the task of raising a new generation. It should be smarter and mentally more advanced than we are. For them, the most important criterion for life decisions and acting will not be the accumulation of material goods but protection of all forms of life. We have called this ‘sustainable development’. Its achievement is an extremely complex process and the key role is education. The "Borrowed Planet" project has an ambition to contribute to such education. Without the support of the most prominent personalities and economic subjects, we can hardly succeed. That is why we seek support in all of you who relate to partnership for our planet.

Become partners of the "Borrowed Planet"

The Meaning of Partnership

Education Support: Protection of the Environment and Sustainable Development at Elementary and Secondary Schools.

Benefits for Partners

• Presentation of sustainable development and environmental protection company policy

• Filming participation, unique movie listings for corporate advertising

• Advertising in subtitles of up to 16 documentaries of the "Borrowed Planet"

• Advertising in movie titles "Garbage Age", "5 minutes to the End"

• Advertising in multimedia parts of "Borrowed Planet"

• Advertising in the "Professional Methodological Guidelines for Pedagogical Practice Borrowed Planet I-IV"

• Advertising in the "Expert Guideline for Trainees Practice Garbage Age"

• Advertising during seminars and educational events

• Internet, website, facebook, etc.

• Workshops and teambuilding events, discussions with authors, screening of films

• Training and demonstration of diving

• Educational and educational events for schools and municipalities in waste management, sorting and recycling, and other aspects of DSD

• Discounts and benefits in procuring services, goods and products from dive 2000 production

Purpose of project support

• Production, postproduction and transcriptions of films

• Production of media and distribution of films

• Creation and production of multimedia works

• Creation and production of "Professional methodological guides for pedagogical practice"

• Implementation of educational seminars for teachers

• Distribution and implementation of the project in schools

• Building a data repository

Form of partnership

General partner of the project

The main partner of the project

Partner project                                

If you are interested in a partnership, please contact us at or via Contact


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