World Cleaning Day at Guláška lake

As much as 38 bags of garbage we collected on a 500-meter stretch along the banks of our home water, the deep lake in Senec!!! We've been doing it for years, every spring and every autumn, and there is always more and more of garbage. I might be naive since I have always been surprised about the enormous mess created by leftovers of parents who come to the shore with their children, students and all the other swimmers. You just have to remember a simple rule: "what I bring here I take back with me". What do you get by leaving PET bottles, cans of beer, plastic bags, paper, or various food packaging lying behind on a place where you come to relax? When you come back again, you just kick them off and leave another mess behind?! Every September, the shores of the lake are showered by what these pigs have left behind. What is it? Stupidity? Arrogance? Lack of respect? Probably all of it, as a result of a very neglected upbringing.

Nevertheless, I love early September. Guláška is just our area again, everywhere. I do not have to explain to anybody that the concrete tables are ours and they are not for grilling but to get into the water without needless effort. Actually, collecting rubbish does not bother me. That lake gave me so many wonderful experiences and brought me so many amazing people that I really do it out of gratitude. I only feel sorry for those summer swimmers who live their miserable lives, frustrated by consumption, breaking away from nature and with completely misguided criteria for quality of life.

Finally, I would like to thank Klaudia Daňová, Robo Daňo, Imi Jakab, Merek Ciblík, Jakub Garay, Ferko Pekale, Andrej Púčaťa, Martin Drozd for their help, but also for all my other diving mates who have been taking away waste which others have left on the shores of the lake, otherwise, the garbage would be of double the size.

Text and photo: Jaroslav Blaško


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