For schools

For Schools

The role of schools is to prepare the emerging generation to find employment. It prepares graduates to do their job which will eventually bring them certain social benefits and they can live a fulfilling life. The school should also teach them what the real life is about. It is not measured only by the amount of money and material goods you accumulate. People have lived a fulfilling life long before they have invented money. Even without money, they could have experienced love, taken care of children and enjoyed everyday pleasures.   

If the school keeps developing with its pupils, the abilities they will have learned will bring them success. They will be able to manage, influence and perform more or less complex processes, earn money and be successful. A high quality school and a good education system should also teach where is our civilization directing the development and what it necessarily needs for its evolution and survival. It should manifest and teach how to change the attitude and behaviour of its graduates so that the most important decisive criterion of human effort will be to protect life, and not only the human life.

For Teachers

You are doing the most important job. You shape the thinking and attitudes of young people. The whole society, civilization and, ultimately, our entire planet depends on your work. It is your mission - to move mankind forward - raise a new generation of people who are more sensible than us, who will be aware of the fact that we should use our knowledge for the benefits of us all; raise mentally advanced people who can make better use of technical and information progress than we do, without endangering the existence of future generations. It is an extremely difficult task but without its fulfilment, the mankind in the present form has a very little chance to survive.

For pupils and students

You are the hope. We have to admit that us, your parents, failed. We have achieved tremendous technical progress but we have failed as humans to use it. As a result, life on our planet is extinguished, and the prospects of surviving are getting worse. Now everything is depending on you. Hard decisions are waiting for you, and it is important that you prepare for them responsibly.  It is not your job to change the world. Your job is to change yourself. You get a wonderful gift of life around you, so make sure that the quality of human life is no longer measured by accumulated material assets, but primarily by the quality of the environment.

Borrowed Planet for Schools

Reinforcement in the environmental education is an extremely important process. It is a reflection of what our current civilization needs the most to overcome the huge gap between technical progress and mental evolution. That is why it is so important to teach our children about our environment and life in general.

In its entirety, the "Borrowed Planet" represents a comprehensive, modern teaching aid which brings out aspects of sustainable development and environmental protection through attractive film scenes and stories. It has the ambition to contribute to the objectives of the Durable Sustainable Development Agenda 2030 priority axis, which is to educate for DSD and environmental education in general, to build on the computerization of schools and to use film in the educational process, as well as text linked to the digital world by QR codes. In order to make the implementation process as easy as possible, we created, in cooperation with the experts of Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra, every part of the project "Expert methodological guides for pedagogical practice". Teachers will find teaching methodology, suggested activities, worksheets, and a number of expert advices on how to put it out to students so that they can understand and develop attitudes in line with the objectives of environmental education at a given level of education and training process.

The ambition of the creators of the "Borrowed Planet" project is to take the long-term experience of direct contact with the aquatic environment, discover the negative consequences of human activity, solicit questions and seek out the basics and help them apply into education processes.

The Pilot Project "Borrowed Planet for Schools"

We are in the stage of implementation. We have finished eight films, the first publication of "Borrowed Planet I" and we are completing the "Expert Methodology Guide for the Pedagogic Practice Borrowed Planet I“. We have checked up the suitability of films and topics for each level of education within the "pilot project". We have witnessed interest on the students’ side and acknowledgement on teachers’ side. In principle, we are ready to launch the project.

We still have an interest in working with other primary and secondary schools to get enough knowledge for other parts of the project, as how pupils and students perceive individual films, how they accept individual aspects of sustainability, how to discuss the topic and look for analogous phenomena in their surroundings.



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