The Queen of the Carpathians

Main topic: Searching for efficient environment protection system

A unique fish Danube salmon (Huchen) still lives in the Slovak mountain rivers. For the last years these rivers have been used as winter dwellings for cormorants which had become almost extinct, and therefore the EU protects them. On the banks of the Slovak mountain rivers fish protectors fight against bird protectors. It has consequently ended in preferring animal killing as a method of nature protection.

The present environment protection system does not work. The system is not able to notice and interpret real environmental problems, and generate suitable correction measures.

Film awards:

Grand Prix at MFPF in Vysoké Tatry, 2011
1st place in category Professional film at PAF Tachov festival, the Czech republic, 2011
3rd place at MFPF in Beograd, Serbia, 2011
3rd place at SCUBACAM in Bratislava, SK, 2011

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