The Queen of the Carpathians Slovakia

Main topic: Searching for efficient environment protection system A unique fish Danube salmon (Huchen) still lives in the Slovak mountain rivers. For the last years these rivers have been used as winter dwellings for cormorants which had become almost extinct, and therefore the EU protects them.... pokračovanie

Nusa Penida Bad Ghosts Island Indonesia

Main topic: Humans bound up with nature Bali Hindus believe in existence of ghosts in all the living as well as non-living things. Nusa Penida is a seat of bad ghosts in their perception. It is also one of the best places in the world to watch a special fish of the world oceans – Mola... pokračovanie

Cry Of The Whales Japan, Indonesia, Tonga

Main topic: Technical progress abusing Whales have become a symbol of senseless human desolation of the nature, and an example of careless technical progress abuse. The whales numbers have not been decimated to feed people. Their bodies have been used for production of industrial oils, food for... pokračovanie

Rich or poor? Philippines

Main topic: Quality of human life Thousands of the Filipinos abandon their poor homes and a tranquil life on the picturesque islands to taste “modern life“ in Manila. They gain total desperateness only. Mostly unreasonable desire of the Filipinos for better material conditions can be seen... pokračovanie

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