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We provide an adventure. We help to fulfil man's desire to float in the space, get rid of the material essence of the body and perceive the wild nature which water represents. We mediate breathtaking encounters with unique animals, and in their presence, surrounded by millions of water molecules; we offer a chance to find the instincts and senses that we have lost long time ago. We are looking for humility and respect for all the living, because only this way will other animals accept us, and we can at least for a moment forget being the greatest predators who recklessly occupy the whole planet because they have forgotten that this planet is not just for them.

We do not want to be consumers only; we do not provide excursion tours - we pursue stories. We rewrite the testimonies of water into films and texts - testimonies about us - people, about what we really are, about our greed and egoism. We have been changing the land for thousands of years, and these changes have become a natural part of our lives so much that we can no longer distinguish between what is right and what is wrong. Aquatic ecosystems have been affected by our activity in the last decades, though. Changes are drastic and dramatically fast. Unfortunately, these stories have resulted in the "Borrowed Planet" project. The project provides an immediate experience for the spectator but above all, it wants to contribute to a change we need to undergo to fulfil the most difficult task which our civilization has been facing – a change of people's attitudes and behaviour to what we have named durably sustainable development.


Jaroslav Blaško

Managing Director of  dive 2000 production, l.t.d.

Author of the "Borrowed Planet",
Author of books "Journey into Silence" and the upcoming edition of "Borrowed Planet I.-IV."

Diving Instructor: Instructor Trimix 70 TSA TI70986SK, Advanced EANx Instructor IANTD 4033

Screenwriter, cinematographer and director of films that have won numerous awards at international film festivals, including the Grand Prix at the MFPF in the High Tatras, the six-time master of Slovakia in the categories of photography and film from the aquatic environment.

"Everything has changed when I was running down the bridge in Martin. I was running, not to let the crowd of people watching me notice that tears broke out on my face. Straight away, I phoned my daughter and cried into the phone: "Got it!" "It" was mating of the Danubian salmon (Hucho hucho) and the moment of burying its spawn into the gravel with its mighty tail. In this brief moment, three years of my frequent travels to Orava and Turiec and endless rolling in the muddy water were concentrated.  At that time, I still did not have a complete story about the Queen of the Carpathians in my mind, but I knew that there would be no story without those tail strikes at the bottom of the river. I no longer wanted to prove that I was good at filming under water or capable of capturing the fish in Orava. My ego had been completely suppressed by not only the Danubian salmon’s story but mine as well – a story of looking for a meaning of what am I doing and how am I going to give back to water what she has given to me and accepted me in so many wonderful ways.

Later on, I will never forget what happened in Tonga. I spent an hour and a half with a fifteen-meter-long humpback whale and its three-meter-long calf. Back in the boat, I dropped on my knees and hid my face in my palms. I was overwhelmed. This was the second time in my life I could not control my emotions. I owe it to water. Once again I experienced the moments when the wild animals heard out the human desire to meet. Moreover, I completed another, more than a two-year long journey, after which a story eventually got a name "Cry of a Whale". I cannot get the memory out of my mind - harpoons penetrating blackfsh in Indonesian island Lombatha, one after another, carving the Nordic Sperm Whale in Wada, Japan, and I just knew this is it – these are the scenes that will plant the right emotions into the film. All the troubles I have undergone during my realization were worth it.

There, in the magic of the Orava river and under the southern cross in the Polynesian Tonga, the "Borrowed Planet" was created. "

"It's not easy to take care of my clients while trying to find the right animal I want to film. Fortunately, my clients are mostly my friends - my diving buddies who help me in every situation. Thanks to them, we have come to the stage where we can actually fulfil our mission of the "Borrowed Planet" project. "



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